DR Kurt De Cramer

B.Sc. B.V.Sc. MMedVet(Gyn) PhD

Veterinarian Surgeon

Veterinary specialist in animal reproduction


Dr Kurt De Cramer fulfils the dual role of generalist and specialist in animal reproduction at the clinic. Attending to the most challenging cases is what keeps him charged. He has equal affinity for all members of the mammalian and avian species, but prefers to leave the scally ones to others. He regretfully admits that his profession is both his work and hobby. Dr De Cramer has an inquisitive mind which compels him to continue making a contribution to the science of healing animals and solving clinical problems. This dedication has led to a PhD thesis, reference book on dog reproduction and numerous publications, all of which is a unique achievement for those in full time practice. Dr De Cramer is better known for fixing the problem than petting the pet. Dr De Cramer finds stress relief in regular escapes to the gym. Dr De Cramer’s gorgeous wife, Zelda, shares his passion for all God’s little creatures and enjoys immortalising them on canvas. They are proud parents to Kyle and Mira.

In The News

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Dog Breeding a complete reference book  – By Dr KGM De Cramer

Offers helpful information on how to start off, nutrition and animal husbandry

  • Breeding management including determining optimal time of breeding and artificial reproductive techniques
  • It comprehensively covers genital diseases, pregnancy,  whelping, lactation, dystocia, caesarean section,  fertility problems, reproductive efficiency, neonatal disease and puppy survival
  • Routine preventative health measures, parasite control and various matters and conditions relating to the keeping of dogs and large dog colonies
  • Practical basic and advanced genetics for dog breeders is comprehensively covered