Payment options


  • Cash


  • Card (Debit, Credit and American express, Edgars card)


  • EFT (Proof of payment can be e-mailed to us)


  • Debit Agreement / Debit order for non-routine procedures


  • If a debit agreement is to be considered, we will need the following documentation from you
  1. ID Document / Driver’s licence
  2. Bank Statements (last 3 months) / Proof of income
  3. Proof of Residence / Utility Account

In order to make an informed decision, always request an Estimate of Costs.   Services are payable as follows


  • Routine procedures

(no overnight stay in hospital) –  Payable when service is rendered


  • Hospitalised cases

(overnight stay in hospital) –  A 30% deposit will be required.  The balance is payable on discharge or by means of a debit agreement.


  • Emergency cases  

A deposit will be required, pending on the extent of the emergency


  • After Hours consultations 

An after-hours surcharge will apply, which is payable immediately