GSD Registered Dogs

Appointments can be made on the same day in the morning or a day or so in advance to make a booking for hip and elbows radiograph certification. Clients may book up to 4 dogs at a time. Please make sure that your dog is of the appropriate age for your breed. Also inform the staff if you wish to have the evaluation done by a KUSA evaluator in addition to the GSD fed scrutineer. This we need to know in advance as KUSA regulation stipulates that we send additional views which cannot be added later. Follow the link on the GSD federation website (Visit website) to see the various regulations regarding hip evaluations. It is advised that you send a copy of the dog’s registration papers a day or so in advance by email so that we can complete the administrative work ahead of time to prevent unnecessary delays when you are at our clinic. Please remember not to feed your dog on the morning of the examination as all animals will receive anaesthesia and vomiting may occur when anaesthetised. Our ultra-fast high resolution DR system can take radiographs within seconds and we aim at completing the task and discharge the dog within 30 minutes of arrival. The anaesthesia we use is totally reversible ensuring rapid recovery. Dogs have to be fully awake and ambulatory within ten minutes of reversal and must be able to walk at discharge. It is important to ensure that the animals remain cool in transit home as the sedative may make them more susceptible to heat exhaustion. Also do not overfeed them when coming home as there is a very small increase in incidence of stomach torsions in anaesthetised dogs. Notify the reception staff when the owner’s name does not correspond with the name on the pedigree. Please ensure that the Tattoo number on the ear matches the one on the registration papers presented.