Primary Health Care

Prevention is better than cure: Puppies and kittens should be vaccinated from a young age in order to prevent them from contracting contagious diseases. It is important to realise that a single vaccination is not sufficient to build up immunity against these diseases. That is why a vaccination program is followed. It is particularly important to vaccinate your pets before introducing a new pet and before travelling.

Also remember to keep up your pets rabies vaccinations, as rabies is a zoonotic disease, meaning that it can be transmitted to humans, by means of mainly bite wounds.

During the vaccination consultation, your pet will also be examined to check his / her general health status, in order to identify health problems early on.

At the time of vaccination, your pet will also be dewormed. Pets should be dewormed 2 – 4 x per year, especially in spring and autumn. If your pets has had worms, or has not been dewormed for an extended period, the deworming should be repeated in 3 weeks’ time, in order to clear any larval stages.

Prevention of biliary (tick fever) is important in our area and we strongly advise that tick control is applied throughout the year.