About The Book

Although this book is primarily written for dog breeders, it will also be of value to anyone who works with dogs on a daily basis, i.e. dog trainers and personnel working in: canine protection and security services, service dogs for the military, police canine units, animal shelters and dog boarding kennels, as it also deals with conditions unique to larger dog colonies. Veterinary students and veterinary surgeons who have a special interest in dog breeding may all benefit from the wealth of knowledge compiled in this handy reference book.


DOG BREEDING A complete reference book by DR KGM De Cramer

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced breeder, “DOG BREEDING A complete reference book” will help you identify, correct or prevent many problems which you are sure to encounter. Its comprehensive nature classes it as a reference book on dog breeding.

Its main focus is reproduction in both the male and female and the subjects it covers are extensive. It entails detailed discussions of; the heat cycle, determining optimal breeding time, management of studs, puberty, breeding soundness in the stud and bitch, genital diseases, pregnancy, lactation, whelping, dystocia, caesarean section, artificial reproductive techniques, fertility problems, reproductive efficiency, neonatal disease and puppy survival. It also covers the ethical aspects of dog breeding, how most breeders start off, nutrition, routine preventative health measures, parasite control and various matters and conditions relating to the keeping of dogs and large dog colonies. In addition it comprehensively covers practical basic and advanced genetics for dog breeders.



DOG BREEDING A complete reference book”, will enable beginners to start off on a less rocky path as it deals with problems which even the most experienced dog breeders find challenging

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