Plight of the bitch to mankind


Near primitive man, did my ancestors dwell

With cousin Lupus, all was still well

Carefully in the shadows, for left-overs they looked

Forever following, when mankind cooked

So, over time, developed this -symbiosis

Now I can tell of, our grand -metamorphosis

Since that first wolf-litter, was raised by man

On natural selection, there was a ban

Until then natures fittest, had been our mate

But now it was mankind, which determined our fate


What emerged was variety, oh, so great

In breeds, we number, so many to date

Each were selected, for an eccentric trait

Long, smooth, curly or hairless, our coats could be

Leaving each country, with their own to see

From tall big and bulky, to the smallest toy

The hearts of our masters, we fill with joy

Within our ranks, stand proud the terrier

For some it would seem, the more the merrier


Amongst us some were, selected for sight

Strengthening our masters, in their hunting might

On their farms and travels, this need emerged

Tiss no surprise, herd loving breeds diverged

So please mankind, do understand our plight

As this matter is not clear, in black and white

With us normal birth, is always desired

For some C-sections, are sometimes required

So, this forms the base, of our plight

Tiss all in your hands, and not in our might


Those genes in us, you so have found

Does not make nature’s, perfect hound

For breathing we should, us all be able

Without a visit, to the operating table

Whilst our folds and wrinkles, endear so many

Tiss our wish for sure, we did not have any

Short crooked legs, and a very long back

May lead to weak disc, and a surgeon with knack

Our ears are in some, not upright erect

Causing discomfort, and meds to correct


No longer do we search, and hunt for our meal

Explaining why often, our weight’s not ideal

It’s probable this change is, forever and ever

Going back to the wild, is a futile endeavour

So, with this I do not, proportion you blame

But making us better, should be your first aim

We don’t mind the oddities, which make us so cute

But there are some genes, which you should permute

Tiss thought that variety, in genes do protect

So, from changing nature, we could resurrect


When we are too few, the breed is called rare

That’s when new genes, become a desperate affair

We know that you love us, and want us to thrive

Please therefore keep in us, some wolf genes alive

Because of your choices, determining our fate

We are now having, this important debate

So please mankind, do understand my plight

Against bad genes, you all should unite

Kurt De Cramer 2015