Prostatitis refers to an infection of the prostate gland. Most dogs which suffer from prostatitis also suffer from BPH because BPH predisposes the prostatic gland to infection from ascending bacteria in the urogenital tract. Again, the treatment of choice is castration. If the breeder wishes to still breed, specific drugs to treat the bacterial infection (if present) and drugs to reduce prostate size are available. Treatment for prostatitis in most cases should be regarded as an interim measure until the stud dog reaches the end of its reproductive career. At that point it is wise to castrate the dog to decrease the chance of recurrence. The symptoms of prostatitis are similar to BPH with the exception that dogs suffering from prostatitis usually have more blood in the urine and are febrile. Appropriate long term antibiotic treatment for the bacterial infection is indicated together with the treatment of the BPH. Prostatitis is rare in castrated males. Prostatitis can predispose dogs to prostatic abscesses.