Recovery Of Sperm From Dead Or Euthanized Dogs

We can collect sperm directly from the testis from a freshly castrated male and either use the sperm immediately or freeze the semen. Such collection, insemination and castration can all be synchronised whilst monitoring a bitch’s heat cycle in order to synchronise the day of collection/castration with the bitch being on peak heat. If freezing is required we need a day or two prior notice. Semen can also be collected from a dog that has just been euthanised. One example of where this is applicable is for instance a stud that has developed an osteosarcoma is starting to get debilitated and is in too much pain to allow for semen collection. This dog can be humanely euthanised and semen can immediately be recovered from their testis and inseminated into a receptive bitch. A most extreme example is of a stud that was under palliative treatment for hepatic lymphoma and had died 4 hours prior to recovering the sperm from its testis.